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Studio Cottage, Esher, Surrey

Studio Cottage is set within the same grounds as the 'Homewood' designed by the late Patrick Gwynne, in 1939. We were required to adopt the ground floor footprint chalked out by him shortly before he died in 2003 but fully redesigned the internal layout using the three octagons which dominate the ground floor plan. We also added a lower ground floor.

There are courtyards on both the East and West wings of the house. The layout permits unimpeded circulation on the ground floor and from within the narrow atrium in the hallways, adjacent to the 6 metre high plate glass spanning both floors. Grand trees surround the site. The emphasis is on materiality and elegance, hopefully complementing the Homewood.

It has now won an award in the category of 'Architecture Single Residence' for the South East with 'Studio Cottage', by the UK Property Awards Group, an international organisation. (Click here to view the Press Release)

Design Team: Sharmila McConnell, Sameer Ahmed, Bhavesh Mistry, Anna Derbyshire, Tito Chaudhuri