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Wieland existing Wieland external view 1 Wieland front entrance Wieland living room 1 Wieland living room 2 Wieland bathroom

Wieland Road, Northwood

The Wieland Road brief was for a total 'makeover' of the house, internally and externally, and to increase it from a 4 bedroom to a 5 bedroom house.

The first photograph shows the mock-Tudor boards which were the first to go. The three arched openings at the rear were squared off and now complement the fenestration of the new extension. External walls were replastered flat. The interiors were re-evaluated and walls shifted around to provide modern bathrooms and larger bedrooms.

The side extension was demolished and the ground excavated for a new below ground garage and a double height room over incorporating a mezzanine floor. The underused swimming pool was covered over to form a patio. The entrance to the house was dramatically enlarged and now fits in with the rest of this modernised house.